Ronda Rae Setser,
Fabric Artist

SunKissed Silk Scarf/Sarong & Signature Jewelry…

DejaVuNique inspiration's found in nature! Sun rays create our Sun~Kissed Silk Scarves, Sarongs, Wraps, Shawls, Hair and hat Wraps, etc...DejaVuNiquely One-of-a-Kind Wearable Creations. Designed with Passion to ensure the highest quality. Sun~Kissed Wearable Designs begin with 100% white silk, using a unique process requiring photo-sensitive colorful fabric paints. Hand designed templates and botanicals are positioned on hand painted wet silk. Customized silk designs are then placed in the sun where sun rays and heat set capturing the exposed sun~kissed design. The same design is never to be duplicated, impossible to repeat, genuine DejaVuNiquely One-of-a-Kind! Signature Scarf Jewelry New Addition!

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