Romana Sena,

I'm a face painter.

Instagram @romonsta

My work is born out of a core belief that the root of suffering is attachment. In that regard, some of that is transmitted into provisions.


Habitual, craving.


Phenomena, external, fickle, sensuality, impermanence.


I am without form, without limit. 


When someone is not able to decide on what they want or asking what their options are,I start almost every conversation with “Well, what comes to your mind’s eye?”. I immerse myself in the transformative power of art, using face paint to create unique, original designs that transcend the boundaries of traditional face painting. My work is not about decorating faces but about creating fleeting moments of joy, originality, and self-expression.

In a world overwhelmed with mass-produced designs and styles, I am devoted to reclaiming the authenticity of my artistry by crafting each of my ephemeral designs with care and intention. Rejecting the disposable nature of conventional face painting, I view each brush stroke as a testament to the beauty of each human being's uniqueness and the impermanence of collective existence. 

Consumerism in the art world is often elusive, with many choosing not to invest in tangible pieces. Yet, within the short-lived moments of a painted face, I find a sincere connection with my audience, as each stroke becomes a shared experience between artist and participant. Beyond an ephemeral decoration or for an occasional celebration, my work sparks conversation, evokes emotions, and fosters connections that I can only anticipate for my permanent art pieces to lead up to.

Through my work, I invite viewers to contemplate the transient nature of existence and the significance of cherishing moments of beauty, no matter how fleeting. Whether adorning a face for a day or living on a wall for a lifetime, my art serves as a celebration of creativity, individuality, and minimalism in the age of excess.

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