Read Pate,

I am an oil painter focusing on alla prima still life, landscape and figure

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As a painter I find excitement in everything from the common objects we use in our everyday lives to the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. It is capturing the light that makes any subject exciting to me. Light is the one thing as an artist that I find unifies everything, because in the light, I am able to find form, value, color and everything else needed to create a painting. At this stage of my art career I find myself focused on simply being a better painter. I want to create better paintings with use of composition, color, light, stroke work and the list goes on. This is what truly makes a piece of art exciting to me, whether it is as an observer or creator. It is to see a well executed piece through the fundamentals and technique used to create it.

Artist Images

Coffee Cup with Press


Storm is Coming


Old Fashioned


Eggs & Bacon


The Calm Before


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