Priya Bora,
Jewelry Artist

Contemporary Self Taught Jewelry Designer

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Greetings! I'm Priya, a self-taught jewelry artist originally from New Delhi, India, now immersed in the vibrant creative community of Oregon. Years of crafting jewelry fuelled my passion, culminating in the launch of Tvisha Studio in 2023. Tvisha, born from this journey, embodies my deep appreciation for both contemporary refinement and timeless craftsmanship. I run a small business creating limited batches of jewelry. Participating as a vendor at various bazaars has been incredibly fulfilling. Along the way, I've expanded beyond wire jewelry, experimenting with diverse mediums. 

Inspired by the Sanskrit word "Tvisha," which means brilliant and illuminated, Tvisha Studio showcases a collection where each piece is meticulously crafted using a diverse array of materials such as plated wire, clay, resin, crystals, beads, and more. Whether you favor understated elegance or bold statements, my designs cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. I specialise in creating bold, versatile and graceful jewelry that resonates with women of all ages and personal styles.

Artist Images

Pink Strawberry Quartz Necklace / Choker


Rose Quartz Choker


Bright Periwinkle Blue Dangle Hoop Earrings


Wire Jewlery Blossom


Glimmering Petals Earring


Pink Blue Purple Droplet Necklace


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