Poina Liwai,
Mixed Media Artist

Shadow Box Miniatures & Jewelry featuring animal bones & teeth.

Instagram @pokicraftsnstuff
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My name is Poki, I’m native Hawaiian and have lived in portland for 6 years now!

I love the outdoors and all things whimsical and strange. My shadow boxes are scenes of little worlds full of ghosts and bunnies with wings and other magical things.


I grew up in a very rural environment, and often went around looking through dry lava fields and crunchy bushes for fun. After heavy rain a lot of things would wash down from the mountains and leave me a whole treasure trove to look through. Ive always appreciated the bones left behind from animals and I think they’re beautiful. Im very inspired by such things and use bones and teeth in my art. 

I started out making jewelry, but I’ve since found other avenues for what I want to make. I love having the freedom as an artist to make whatever I want and not worry about if I’m making the “right” thing.

Thanks for reading!

Artist Images

Weird lil critters in their little worlds.


3D Printed Deer Skull Altar


Recent Set Up


Mini Vampire Hunting Kit Coffin


Artist Video

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