Paulina Levaggi,

Shape & color in movement inviting to get curious & change the perspective

Instagram @paulina_levaggi

Abstract art is the channel through which I capture thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions that often do not have a defined figurative form and I cannot represent with other visual art. Shapes and backgrounds have blurred roles and are not completely defined, in that way, I like to play with the paradox of truncated paths, shapes that become the background of other shapes.  

These pieces don’t have a top or bottom, left or right established, looking for freedom in a space of coexistence of multiple stories and multiple perspectives.

I seek to share and invite the viewer with their own inner world to find new ways and meanings, always keeping in mind that our history and experiences make us have different points of view. That is why I look for my work to have movement, rotating each piece 360 degrees and embracing a place for different perspectives.



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Confort Zone


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