Niyyah Ruscher-Haqq,

Handmade vegetarian candles and soaps with unique marbling, eco-friendly

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Niyyah is a healthcare worker by day, then comes home and trades her gloves for... well, more gloves. She intentionally handcrafts cold process soaps and her unique recipe of coconut wax blend candles with both clean burning cotton wicks and FSC certified sustainable wooden wicks. Careful consideration is paid to the vegetarian, plant based ingredients used for all of her lotions and potions... and while that knowledge is ever evolving, one of her goals is to use high yield plants, organic when possible, and those that lend themselves towards better labor practices for the hands that harvest them.

Her products are known for being high quality and for having unique, clean and natural scents without harsh chemicals. Her line is part woo-woo, and part Dad joke. "Orange you glad you found this soap" and "Self-Love spell soap" are prime examples.

Despite her business having just turned one, she has been crafting candles since 1995! She does have her own website and Etsy store, but focuses on her product in the hands of Oregonians and can be found in local markets, and small businesses across Portland and Eugene. 

Artist Images

Awaken Intention Candle


Marbled Star Anise Soap with Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay


Wood Grain Artisan Goat Milk Soap (Vegetarian)


A Walk with Persephone, handcrafted marbled coconut wax candle with wooden wick


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