Nick Avenetti,
Furniture Artist

Bringing together the perfect blend of art, design, and engineering


We believe in following your passion. And when that passion directly empowers people with forms of expression and helps them surround themselves with objects that make their lives more beautiful, what could be better? Our passion is focused on the use of less than traditional material selections that are then used to create functional pieces of art, furniture. We have created these pieces to share with you. They are exercises of the human mind and of human hands. They involve self imposed constraints that fuel the creative sparks and from those sparks objects take form. Objects that connect back with the use. Objects that serve purposes; structural, functional, tactile, visual, and emotional purposes. We believe furniture should be an investment in the future. Furniture should be valued. Our hope is that one of the piece here connects with you and brings you the power of self expression and joy.

Artist Images

Concrete Dining Room Table


Coat Rack


Salt Block Sculpture


Artist Video

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