Nate C Biklen,

I really love the us of rich and juicy saturated colors in my art work.

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work in progress 
Paint from an intuitive space from with in the shapes and colors. Coming from that place. In a lot of my work 
     I would call it visionary process, painting,  a lot of the time I paint the vision that I kind of Crete but still the painting forms and shapes the manifest into the paintings. Sometimes it’s almost like I am just the facilitator the man with the paint brush, mixing the colors in the paintings paint themselves. Of course, I’m the one painting, but the shapes form out of it and faces and things like they were meant to come into existence to be seen by others, itself and something come through the art that I see it I can’t really claim any expertise on. It just happens like wine called the universe his mind which I gotta put up on these pictures my paintings to have an elemental dreamy quality. I enjoy how color seems to jump to life. And stir each viewer in a unique way.

Artist Images

Mountain waterfall


A view of Ojai, California


Gaia, Mother Mary of the forest.


Tree Of The Fire Of Knowledge


A hobo’s vision of the Mystical flute, man stepping out of the clouds onto the streets in San Francisco the crack of dawn


Enlightened Tree In The Enchanted Forest


Artist Video

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