Mystic Purities LLC, Tamara Kelsey,

100% Soy Candles

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Mystic Purities is a nature-inspired candle company. Our eco-friendly candle collection brings the essence of nature into your home.

At Mystic Purities, we started out with a desire to create ethically sourced candles made without harmful paraffin wax. This is why we carefully hand pour our candles in small batches using premium soy wax for a pure, clean and long-lasting burn.

We use only 100% soy wax, natural herbs, real stones, crystals and body safe fragrance oils. Our handmade, eco-friendly candles exude a range of natural fragrance that soothes and delights your senses.

We also have a range of pure essential oil blends and sage bundle kits designed to ward off negative energy from your space.

Our products are not only natural and environment-friendly, but they are also good for your home and family.

Browse our full range of handmade soy candles, essential oil blends, and sage bundle kits; created using ethically sourced, and cruelty-free products.

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