Michelle L. Purvis,

Watercolor, Charcoal, Acrylic, Oils on Canvas wood and Paper.


I practice my art by being vigilante about my surroundings and attentive to my environment. I start my creative ambitions by carefully choosing materials that have been tossed out. The reclaiming of objects is a very important aspect of my daily life and my art practice. From used wood and paper to old hardware that was stripped out of a demolished building. Sometimes an object I pick up from the side of the road sits in my studio for months and can hold symbiotic value to the work being created around it. The things I paint have a direct impact from where I've been. Traveling, moving, questions of home, and the natural world all play their own part while I'm finding solutions to the questions I have about my life. Communicating with the people around me about their lives helps me find the solutions to my problems. Viewing art and being part of others audience helps me make connections to my own work. Making art is about finding solidarity in myself and my work. My hands on approach keeps technology out of my work. Other than a few power tools and photographs I don't seek new technology to help me connect to my pieces. I find pleasure in creating new lines, colors, and forms with new materials and my hands. As humans we are very connected to the world around us which is why nature is the base of my inspiration for line, color, and form and how we spend our lives is the force of my work. Being a sustainable community is an important part of my work within my urban community.

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