Mharie Frank,
Jewelry Artist

Handmade, one of a kind jewelry from recycled copper.…

LeDuc Jewelers is a mother-daughter partnership creating handmade fine jewelry out of our studios in Portland and Montana. After three decades in the retail scene, we grew weary of having the materials we were using dictate the value and scope of the pieces we were able to produce. Rather than working in gold, silver, diamonds and sapphires; what if the materials we used had no value in the public’s eye? We began to ask how far could we stretch our creativity if we only used mediums that were free or recycled. This was the birthplace of our new line, as we found the challenge of working with materials that were considered worthless irresistible. An old coin, discarded tubing or manufacturing scrap offer endless possibilities. While drawing inspiration from natural and botanical imagery, we rarely begin with a vision of what a final piece will be and rather allow the creative spark to lead us.

Artist Images

Recycled Copper Lilly Earrings


Recycled Copper Two-Pence Lilly Pendant with Turquoise


Recycled Copper Penny Blossom in Green


Recycled Copper Double Layer Floral Cuff


Recycled Copper SIngle Layer Cuff


Recycled Copper Natural Penny Blossom and Necklace


Artist Video

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