Menka Desai,
Mixed Media Artist

Mixed media original paintings and framed and unframed art prints.

Instagram @msmonocles

Hi! I am Menka Desai, an Architect turned Artist and the face behind Mantis Shrimp Monocles. After exploring the possibility of a career change to Art while in New York City, I pursued it full-time in Mumbai for three years. Not only is Mumbai my hometown, but also where I really learned about alcohol inks, and where a whole new avenue opened up for me as an Artist.

Fast forward to today, I now live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, David. I have explored and continue to explore a variety of mediums such as Gouache, Watercolors, Resin, and surfaces like handmade papers, synthetic sheets and wood, among others. The small art business that started way back in 2018 has now become Mantis Shrimp Monocles LLC, registered with the State of Oregon.  

I love a good composition on everything - whether on paper, in spaces or in imagination. I look forward to this exciting journey and hope my artwork will bring as much joy to you as it has brought me while creating it.

Artist Images

Trio of Glittering Beetles


Touch of Poison


Flora of Bali


The Way She Was


A Lunar Iris


Glow of Bleeding Hearts


Artist Video

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