McKenzie Bourn,
Jewelry Artist

I make handmade beaded bracelets inspired by nature.

Instagram @yejiabeads

Hello, my name is McKenzie, and I'm a 22-year-old student, creator and tech enthusiast who fell in love with jewelry making as a form of self-expression. My love for minimalism inspires me to create cutesy, simple, and delicate ditsy designs that speak volumes in their subtlety. Originally from China, I spent my childhood in Colorado before making my way to Oregon for school. My work can be found on Instagram @yejiabeads. "YeJia" is my middle name which literally translates to "beautiful leaf." Join me on this creative journey as I craft bracelets inspired by the beauty of nature.

Artist Images

The Rose Set


Fuji Wave


Champagne Dreams


The Hydrangea Set


The Peony Set


Pinky Pearl


Artist Video

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