Max LaZebnik,
Mixed Media Artist

Art Studio housing the whimsical, visual art produced by Max LaZebnik

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I have been passionate about making art ever since my childhood.  I grew up in Los Angeles and live in Northeast Portland. My line of art since 2016 is titled, “SURREBRAL” which focuses on portraits, space art, landscapes, and ‘60’s inspired folk art.  In 2022, I founded SURREBRAL Studios PDX to formally launch it to the public and turn it into a gallery, online store (currently via North Pole Studio), and commission studio. I primarily work with COPIC markers, POSCA markers, neon paints, neon pens and markers, gouache, acrylic paint, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, ink, and graphite pencils.

I create many self-portraits depicting my feelings about my life growing up with autism and current events in the world.  I also do many portraits of people I admire- including, but not limited to musicians, celebrities, and political figures.

I’m passionate about art, theme parks, music, film, pop culture, and current events. I also run a theme park YouTube channel, Maxic Kingdom!

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Travel Back to Stumptown


Bruno Madrigal


Trans is Beautiful


Please Don't Assume Our Pronouns- Sylvia Rivera


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