Matt Impola,
Wood Artist

I am a builder, creator, designer who loves life in the Northwest.…

Creating beautiful works of art is a worthwhile Adventure!

There is something life-giving to me about transforming a slab of raw wood into a functional piece of art. Each tree has grown for decades and developed one of a kind characteristics. I don’t want to over produce or diminish that. Less is more in my book.

I believe excellence is a journey worth pursuing. I also want to be a great steward of all that I’ve been entrusted with. This motivates me to examine my work and challenge myself to do work that really matters.

This is about more than creating products. It's about joining the growing creative economy movement. I want to do work full of heart and care and play a part in the rebirth of American ingenuity and quality in manufacturing.

Artist Images

44" Longboard


21' Live Edge Slab Conference Table


Planter Box


Walnut Planter Box


California custom Longboard


41" custom longboard


Artist Video

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