Mark David Randall,
Mixed Media Artist

A mix of materials combined with photographic imagery on wood or metal.

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I make wall art, sculptural works and combinations of the two.

Tools: Large format Xerox machine, Xerox machine, cameras, computer, tape recorder, belt sander and art tools.
Substrates: Wood, old corrugated steel and cardboard.
Materials: Paper and cloth (new & found), found object, glues, varnishes, spray paint, house paint, wallpaper paste, joint compound, photographed images, appropriated published images and sound.
The feel: I can best describe one direction as vintage… worn and distressed, like old signs along the road or found in a dusty old barn. Sometimes the work is busy and cluttered.
There is also an overriding atmosphere of POP... I like primary colors, BIG work, found objects, cheapness of materials, three dimensionality, fashion, advertising and cultural icons.
I also like to make tangible, my inner world. I work in an intuitive manner… bouncing around…. adding and subtracting until it arrives where I want it. I return to pieces and change them. I return to previously used imagery and rework it.
I always look to the past and to current artists for inspiration.

Exibitions: 2005, “Eastertide, a solo show of religious stereotypical imagery on cardboard forms and banners.”, First Congregational Church, PDX.
2009, “Manor of Art”, Milepost 5, A seminal PDX outsider art fest, curated by Portland City Art.
2010 “Factory Boys and Girls”, solo show in a 5000 sq. ft. warehouse, 14th and Glisan PDX, OR. Installation: The Chinese Paper Room, 60’x 16’,an implied space made of newspaper, large format banners and found object, Plus 20 other works on wood, metal and paper.
2011“Lollipop Circus” A Calderesque Homage, Elroy Artspace, group show.
2011 “Scootiki” Elroy Artspace, group show.
2012 “Gnomeland” Elroy Artspace, group show.
2012 “Love of Portland” People’s Art of Portland, group show.
2012-13 “Tastes Lak Chikin” solo show. The Original, PDX, OR.
2013 Gallery representation, MATTER Gallery, Olympia, WA
Peoples Choice Award 2011, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
Honorable Mention 2006,2008, 2009,2010,2012,2013 and 2014, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.
Best of the Open Show 2013, Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Mark Randall
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