Maggie Doss,
Mixed Media Artist

Mossy Bones is a whimsical combination of bones, dried florals & mushrooms

Instagram @@mossybonesdesigns

Howdy, I'm Maggie and I'm the creative force behind Mossy Bones! Now residing in Washougal, WA, I'm an Illinois native and moved out to Orcas Island, WA in 2015. Whilst hiking around the island I started collecting bones, mushrooms, moss and other little treasures. Always having a knack for crafting, I hunkered down in my cabin and began cleaning, drying, and preserving what I found. Eventually my love and experience with floral design intersected with my forest finds and slowly, Mossy Bones started to evolve into what it is now. Each creation is unique unto itself and carries with it a story of the place from which it was gathered.

Artist Images

Floral Deer


Floral Deer


Floral Raccoon


Artist Video

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