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Håfa Adai Kaibigans!

Lynette Joyce Vasquez is the creator and founder of Kilig Beauty, a small beauty business inspired from her home in Saipan, CNMI, and her cultural background as a Filipina. Having spent her adolescence in Saipan’s vibrant culture, she is grateful for the community, and diversity she was exposed to that helped shape who she is. 

/Ki•lig/ A Filipino word that captures the exhilarating feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the giddiness of a sweet moment, and the joy that comes from connecting with something beautiful. It’s the sensation that makes your heart skip a beat and brings a smile to your face. At Kilig Beauty, Lynette tries to infuse this feeling into every aspect of the brand and hopefully to everyone as well. 

A dream that started a decade ago and in 2023 Kilig Beauty was official. Lynette is dedicated to creating cruelty-free, innovative, high-quality products at an affordable price. She focuses her time coming up with new formulas to develop multi-functional products that meet consumers needs and fosters a diverse, inclusive community committed to sustainability and promoting self-care routines. Lynette aims to boost self-confidence and self-expression while addressing specific cosmetics or skincare needs. 

Every product is handmade, carefully produced, and thoughtfully curated to represent all Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI). 

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