Lulu Moonwood Murakami,
Mixed Media Artist

Mixed media art dolls, art doll assemblages & paintings of art dolls.…
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I have an insatiable appetite for color, pattern, and texture. I find them irresistible as I take in my visual and tactile surroundings. Some of my inspirations include traditional and contemporary folk art, autumn leaves trembling before steel blue skies, overgrown gardens, skeins of dyed yarn nested in baskets, and traditional ethnic costumes rich in pattern and adornments. Juxtapositions of colors and contrasts of textures exhilarate my senses as well as my psyche.

Through mixed media I am able to bring many of these influences together. I frequently include printed fabrics and patterned papers along with paints and pencils in my work. I also use found objects as stamps and play with acrylic gels, plaster, or wax to build up a rich, tactile surface. I use paper clay to sculpt features in my 3 dimensional pieces.

Another important aspect of my work is its emotional content. My art is frequently my voice for expressing thoughts and feelings that would otherwise go unspoken. I thank emotionally expressive artists that have gone before me for paving the way. I feel that color, quality of line, and facial expression serve to convey the emotional content of the visual stories I tell. It is my goal to share my feelings, experiences, empathy and connection with others through my artwork.

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