Lucie Sorel,
Fabric Artist

1 of 1 clothing and accessories made from upcycled and natural materials

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Lucie Stitches was started in 2023 from Lucie’s passion for sustainable fashion and art. Lucie’s creations are one-of-a-kind, colorful garments and accessories made from natural materials and upcycled clothing. She strives not to waste any fabric by utilizing every piece of each garment she upcycles. Lucie makes wearable and unique items such as denim patchwork bucket hats, textile and ceramic earrings and upcycled quilted jackets.  Her garments are often reversible to get more style options out of a single piece.

While living in NYC, Lucie started selling vintage fashion finds out of a shared creative shop in SOHO.  After moving to Portland in 2019 she dove deeper into art making and started sewing during COVID lockdown; making masks, tote bags and children’s wear. Her aunt taught her how to quilt and freestyle patchwork. Since then, Lucie has immersed herself in the textile arts, always coming back to fashion and creatively reusing durable, natural fibers like denim, cotton, and linen.  Having a passion for ceramics since childhood, Lucie likes to combine textiles with handmade and painted pottery. 

In addition to designing and making accessories and clothing, Lucie is an illustrator and educator. You can find her work on Instagram @lucie.stitches and

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Colorful Freestyle Patchwork Bucket Hat


Reversible Patchwork Bucket Hat


Witch Barbie Upcycled Fleece Jacket


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