Lisa Raymer,

Artist, entrepreneur. Native Texan. Thrilled to be in Portland.

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My "problem" is that I don't have one particular style or art I create.  People ask, "what kind of art do you do?".  I say, "I do a variety of subjects, in whatever medium and way that best accomplishes the artistic statement I want to make."  Then there's that uncomfortable silence from the other person.  I have wrestled with my "grasshopper" artist within me for most of my adult life, trying, thinking, cajoling myself into one particular artist slot.  The buying public all want the artist to fit into a pretty specific medium/subject, no deviation, thanks.  I can't imagine working in one medium, pretty much one subject, over and over and over.  So here I am, a variety of styles, mediums and subjects.  And now in my "twilight years" (said with a wink) I don't give a rats ass, creating the art I want, and loving every second of it.   

Artist Images

Footbridge, Rhododendron Garden


Tin toys


Cage of Asparagus


Charcoal - portrait of Sadie


Man vs Nature


Jeff, the runner


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