Lisa Laser,

I use painting and collage to convey nature and politics.Humor is vital.

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I love to paint & scribble. I like black coffee, hiking, reading, binging TV, dancing, growing a garden, banging on things, getting dirty, bones and antlers, and old photographs. I prefer to walk. I am influenced by music often finding titles for my work in what I am listening to. Best things: bougainvillea, limes, the ocean, rivers, forests, brightly colored buildings, funny people, cats, dogs, 72* Fahrenheit. I paint as wells do collage, often mixing the two. I love using old magazines for my collage work, taking words and images out of context and giving them a new life. My paintings land on a wide spectrum of the natural world (humans, hummingbirds, crows, landscapes) and the inside of my head (usually social commentary and/or art as therapy). I also make papier-mâché sculpture from recycled materials.


Artist Images



Gone but Not Forgotten


Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home


Field of Dreams


I've Been Told About You


Always Separate The Drugs


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