Lisa Eve Sczechowski,
Mixed Media Artist

Resin art using painted resin, recycled goods, and wood-burned slabs

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I'm Eve (alternatively spelled Yves) and I'm a visual creative with a vast portfolio of capabilities from digital media creation to the crafting of artisan goods. 

I have a degree in filmmaking from the Savannah College of Art and Design and a background in traditional drawing and painting, giving me a natural eye for composition, texture, and color. I was traditionally trained in color theory and painting in Southern France by the talented Jilll Steenhuis, learning the French culture and language from the early age of two. ​

With over 4 years of professional experience working as both a content creator and marketing manager for artisan, wine, and horticultural companies, I have an affinity for not only creation, but the optimal publication of media. After all, what use is excellent content if the world never gets to see it in the right light? 

My collection of hand-made artisan goods includes resin home goods, resin-coated acrylic paintings, and layered resin paintings using over 15 pours. I also play with wood burning and painting to create portraits of bonsai trees, people, animals, or pets. 

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