Lindsey Konopka,
Glass Artist

Stained Glass & Mosaic

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My artist journey began at a very young age, fueling my lifelong passion for creating.
I have an extensive background in many different mediums and have formal training in
ceramics, printmaking, photography, and stained glass. Pushing my imagination to the limit
allows me to combine all of these elements throughout the creative process. The constant
desire to learn has provided me with an understanding of the important role art plays in
our society and an awareness of the positive influence it has on people of all ages. Having
an outlet for self expression is incredibly beneficial and being able to share that with others
is my greatest joy.
As an artist I am highly inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in every form.
Whether it is from the gorgeous nature of the Pacific Northwest or the texture created by
peeling paint on a historical building, there is beauty to be found anywhere we look. Living
within this vast community that is overwhelmingly supportive of artists has helped me to
flourish. The opportunity to utilize my talents to inspire those around me is truly an honor
and a gift.

Artist Images

Magnificent Mt. Hood


Hamsa Hand


Booth Setup


Custom Installation


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