Lindsay Spina,
Fashion Artist

Hand-drawn images of Portland culture and the PNW apparel


LaSpina Designs is a local Portland, mom-owned business that creates custom fine-art designs which are screen printed and embroidered onto various apparel. LaSpina Designs is where the love of art, adventure and merrymaking come together! 

Lindsay’s (aka “LaSpina”) art background includes a Masters degree in Art Therapy, Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting, and a minor in Western Art History. Lindsay has worked as a mental health therapist, with a specialization in art therapy, in community, residential, and hospital settings for the past 15 years with children, teens, adults, and families.

Lindsay’s passions include backpacking, snowboarding, crabbing, walking her dog Sunny, merrymaking with friends and family, and being out in nature!!! Lindsay also enjoys traveling the world and exploring different cultures with her family. And of course, trying to bring smiles to peoples’ faces and hearts through the use of art.

Artist Images



“Hipster Joe”


Betty Rides


Two Trees


I Lichen Like That!


Artist Video

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