Lilly Claire Parker,
Jewelry Artist

Hand fabricated metal jewelry and lost wax castings.

I believe that my artwork displays the natural, organic and sensual aspects of the metals that I work with. I knew this was my calling the first time I saw molten metal. The excitement of that moment when metal melts, and the ability to turn that moment, and that metal into a beautiful piece of jewelry is like nothing I have experienced in the past and inspires me to continue to create. I draw inspiration from the beauty in nature around me. The pieces that I work on seem to take on a life of their own, and when I let that process take over the results are remarkable. I work mainly with silver and bronze, but also enjoy incorporating wood and other materials into my pieces. The ability to turn hard, rough and strong materials into delicate, wearable works of art is my motivation to continue to create. I use an ancient form of casting called lost wax casting, as well as hand fabricating my work. Sharing this gift with the world is my goal. I hope you enjoy my work.

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