lee d drake,
Jewelry Artist

custom visionary/intentional jewelry by hand, .925 gold stones

Lee Drake fabricates all of his jewelry by hand in a small studio nestled in north east portland. Lee is thoroughly inspired by the transformation process of life. He is committed to serving this process both in himself and in others who wish to embark. His designs are inspired by the beauty he sees in life, personal experiences of transformation and the activation movement as whole. Lee works with semi precious stones and metals, sacred geometry, ancient symbols and archetypical characters to communicate his intention.
Lee was given a helpful break in life when he met Heyoka Merrifield, a Cherokee shaman and sacred artist. Lee apprenticed with Heyoka over the course of a few years, learning from him the practical skills to be a jeweler while instilling in him the energetic awareness and responsibility to walk this path. Lee could not be more grateful to have a purpose in life were his inner world lines up with his outer world, giving him a tool for self transformation and a tool to share with you.

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sacred union


inspiration station


sri yantra


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