Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart,
Fashion Artist

Zero Waste Handmade One of a Kind Dresses and Jewelry

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I have been designing and creating ethical fashion since 2008, to create a kinder option from wearing animals and create a useful new life for landfill bound materials, including plastic bottles and textiles and trim that are vintage, dead stock, and scrap.  

I recently launched Humans We Love which focuses on handmade zero waste vegan wedding gowns, 1-8 of each design (tho no two are the same) and was given an art grant by NYC to create a painted mural in Chinatown.

For my NYC gown production I employ a local sewing team, but in May 2023 I moved to Portland and am currently creating a small line of gowns and jewelry that will be solely made by my hands, which I would be honored to launch at the Pearl's First Thursdays.

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