Leanne Kent Norden,
Ceramic artist

Handmade functional ceramics inspired by nature with a touch of whimsy

Website https://www.crescentcitycreator…
Instagram @crescent_city_creator

Leanne Norden is the Crescent City Creator behind Crescent City Creations.  She was born and raised in Altadena, along the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.  She first fell in love with the ceramic medium during a high school art elective.       

In 2013, Leanne moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane University.  While there, she studied biology and a couple of ceramic courses.  It wasn't until after she graduated and returned to ceramics at The London Clayworks studio that she coined the title, Crescent City Creator.  She cherishes the 7 wonderful, magic-filled, turbulent years crafting, creating, celebrating, and costuming in New Orleans, aka The Crescent City.  

In 2020, Leanne relocated to Portland, Oregon with her partner.  She now resides in the Brooklyn Neighborhood and belongs to The Mudroom Community Ceramics Studio.  

As a Creator and as an Artist, Leanne draws inspiration from the nature and culture of her surroundings. For her, the journey of creation is as important as the finished product. Right now, most of her work is focused in the medium of ceramics but she is also an avid crochet, knitting, and textile artist!


Artist Images

Acorn Cap Bowl with Acorn Charms


Spiderweb Coaster


Splatter Platter Trinket Dish


Slab Platter


Artist Video

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