Lauren Marcelle Huie,
Ceramic artist

Fun and colorful handmade pottery to bring functional art into your home.

Instagram @lelu.laurenhuie

Lauren Huie is an engineer-turned-artist, holding a Bachelor's degree in Physics, and a Master's degree in Applied Physics. She took her first ceramics class in 2017 at the University of Oregon, during her graduate program. Since then, her passion for ceramics, and art in general, has only grown.

Lauren is now back in school as a Post-Bacc student at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she is taking courses in painting and illustration while still focusing on ceramics. She enjoys making pottery that is fun and functional, featuring simple and colorful designs while still paying close attention to detail. Her intention is to create functional art that will bring comfort and joy into your home and daily routine.

Artist Images

Tulip Mug


Moka Pot and Coffee Mugs


Flower Matchboxes


Artist Video

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