Lauren Ashton Metcalf,

Color is my passion and art is its vessel.

I've always known I would become some type of artist because when I really thought about what my talents are at the most basic level, it was always color. I started with makeup artistry, interior design and decorating, but then I found my real passion: photography, digital photography and mixed media. The photography started when the Trailing Fuchsias bloomed in the summer. They were so unbelievably beautiful with their pink pods that would open up with purple, violet, and magenta flowers that looked like folded silk. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them, but when summer was over, it didn't stop there. The fall colors, christmas lights and spring buds were just as inspiring. After that my art took on a life of its own with drawing models, famous faces, painting sunsets, whimsical trees, and mixing them all together with crystal resins, rhinestones, and flowers made from fabric, I became a self-taught mixed media artist and photographer. I can finally be one of those people that say that they love their job!

Artist Images

Pearl Tree at Night


Folded Silk Under Lanterns


Galilean Satellites


The Endangered Crane, the Korean symbol for Peace


Winter in France


Diamonds and Roses


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