Laura Stoops,
Mixed Media Artist

Visionary /Psychedelic Mixed-Media Analog Collage, Craft & Installation Art

Website Cascadian Creations
Instagram @amayaverse
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Drawn to paper arts and crafting from a young age, Laura began a personal devotion to creating Art as her main purpose for exploring and understanding Life, and for processing the complex thoughts and emotions that arise from daily living. In 2004, she underwent a unique psychedelic and spiritual awakening that impacted every level of her being and her creative expressions. She changed her name to Amaya Sita Kalki, as a representation of the energy of her full Self and Soul, and the profound changes that came with Self-Realization. Since then, her art has expanded to include explorations into the interdimensional and holographic nature of reality, the delicate state of affairs of the human landscape: psychology, emotions, society, and more. Her experience of creating Art has always felt like reigning in Chaos into a creative structure that allows the viewer to undergo a deep sense of recognition of Self and a transformative sober-psychedelic experience. Viewing and contemplating her collage pieces often brings One to a state of epiphany and enlightenment, and leaves the viewer feeling a strong sense of connectedness and support with the art, artist, and the world at large- both it's see and unseen realms.

Artist Images

Lost In Pardise


The Moon and The Sun


What Was Lost Was Gained


The Great Moon Hoax


Look Out For Each Other


Journey Onward


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