Kylie B,
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Functional glazed ceramics

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Uprooted Vegan

I run a small home pottery studio in Portland, OR. Currently we fire our vintage Skutt kiln "Betsy" twice a week, so the shop will have new goods available on a weekly basis. By day I am an environmental science student, and sustainability is in the forefront of my thoughts - a motif that shows up often in my work. I fell in love with pottery as a freshman at Oregon State, and took up a few fun evening classes in wheel throwing and hand building. The steep learning curve meant I spent a few years not producing, but eventually I got back into ceramics when the COVID-19 pandemic left me unemployed from my work as a soil science technician. Pottery is a time consuming art, with each piece either hand built or thrown on the wheel, trimmed, fired in the kiln twice (once for bisque and once for glazing), and hand glazed with care. Opening the kiln each week is the best surprise I could ever ask for, and I hope I can pass along that joy to you.

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Galaxy Mugs


Hosta and Rhubarb Leaves


Spoon Rest


Mountain cup


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