Kristy Kun,

Sculpture of handmade felt

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Through calculated, rising tangles of wool and plant fibers, Kristy Kún’s experimental textiles advance the sculptural capabilities of hand-made felt. Her richly textured surfaces, formed through a water and energy intense process of rubbing and kneading wool fibers until they tightly bond, are a contemporary adaptation of ancient methods in felt making. Compositions of disparate materials reveal Kún’s artistic visions inspired by relationships and evolution in nature along with the fluidity of the materials themselves.


“I am deeply moved by the transformative qualities of wool and plant fibers, which, when plied correctly, parallel environmental transformations; Birth, fruition, decay. Formations of water, earth and sky, emerge as if breathing and alive. My hands translate this energy and these textures from nature into new form using altered methods of a timeless craft.” -Kristy Kún

Artist Images

Wall Flower


Spring Forth, Little Wall Flower


Velleity's Dance


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