Kristine Kordell,

I paint colorful landscapes with aerial perspectives and loose compositions

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We all live together in the same places, but how we perceive those surroundings influences our collective identity and overall quality of experiences.

I explore the diversity of overlapping spaces and colors of the Pacific Northwest and turn them into subtle metaphors to greater understand this fast paced, ever-changing life. My finished paintings offer new perspectives of the urban growth in this rugged region, with specific implications of how evolving technology has shaped our overall identity.

I believe that sharing my work will help improve the quality of life for my viewers by fostering a sense of local pride and belonging, and by bringing bright colors and loose and energetic compositions into their homes.

Kristine Kordell is an artist and Army Veteran originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Here in the Pacific Northwest, she paints landscapes using modern processes and colorful compositions. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2015, and continues to work and show her art in downtown Portland.


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