Kim Neitzel,

Handmade homewares and games made out of eco friendly resin

Instagram @@swiftandstone

I create handmade homeware and games locally here in Portland. I mix an eco-resin material (liquid + powder component) by hand, create and mix in my own custom colors, and utilize different techniques to achieve different patterns in my products. It then goes through a casting process, then is sand and sealed by hand. This material is considered more eco-friendly because it is non-toxic and is more sustainably sourced vs other resin/concrete products. I make a variety of products - chess boards, candle holders, bookends, coasters, trays, planters, jewelry dishes, brush holders, dominos and other decorative pieces.

Artist Images

Chess Board


Cloud Tray


Wavy Bookend


Wavy Candle Holder


Ridged Vase


Bathroom Trays and Jars


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