Kiana Botz,
Mixed Media Artist

high quality pieces of art out of locally reclaimed/recycled materials.

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I guess you could say that working with wood runs in my blood! My grandfather was a woodshop teacher and my dad an engineer. I grew up watching the two of them always working on or building something, from cars to our family cabin. They definitely instilled my curiosity for creating at a very young age. I first started my own journey building furniture and while I still dabble in furniture making, I found my passion in creating art pieces. I’ve always been obsessed with textures and textiles and can’t help but to incorporate that into my pieces. You will find that I don’t usually stick to one particular “style” because I feel, as a person I am always changing and evolving and in return so does my art.


Artist Images



Large mosaic wall art piece


Marble Maiden


“Star Light”


Black and White Mosaic