Kevin Thomas,

Journal/Sketchbooks made from repurposed vintage books and game boards.…

ABOUT MY JOURNAL CITY: In the land of MY JOURNAL CITY we believe in the ethos of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose. All of our journal/notebooks are made from repurposed materials otherwise destined for landfills or some other unsightly demise. MY JOURNAL CITY is home to quality products that separates us from others producing similar items. We carefully select all of our covers. We use NO PLASTIC in the production of our wares. All of our machines are hand powered. We believe in encouraging the old fashioned method of writing (hint: no key board), and we believe our products will bring warmth and joy to whomever is the recipient. We are hard at work developing new methods to repurpose more objects from our daily life. Each journal/sketch book is made with acid free 70lb paper (regular paper is 20lb) and will hold up to writing or drawings made with pencil, pen, charcoal, or whatever your heart desires. Each item has about 50 pages, which allows for plenty of writing/drawing and is also aesthetically pleasing. The fun covers are sure to set hearts atwitter, so please consider gifting a MY JOURNAL CITY product to someone you care about, even yourself. MY JOURNAL CITY journal/sketchbooks are hand made in Portland, Oregon and no two are exactly alike. The products are crafted with hand-powered machines in a house maybe quite like your own. We aim for high quality and put much thought and care into each item we produce. We are constantly at work devising new products that will bring joy to our consumers. Please keep us in mind and contact us with any comments you may have. In the meantime, happy journaling.

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Vintage Book Journal Radio Boys


Journal Game Board (Portland Oregon)


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