Kensey Christina Renée Anderson-Pérez,
Ceramic artist

Hand built and wheel thrown porcelain home goods and sculptural decor.

Website @brimstoneceramics
Instagram @@brimstoneceramics

K.C.Renée is a sculptural ceramicist with an MFA in Contemporary Arts Practices.  She works out of her garage studio and storefront, Brimstone Ceramics in Portland Oregon. 
The organic sculptures offer tactility with an ethereal quality which is both reminiscent of the human figure as well as underwater life forms. Her functional art, while also possessing much texture, adds a hint of rustic decadence to home decor. Each piece is crafted in porcelain and allows the beauty of that clay body to express itself.

Artist Images



Bud Vase #1


Fantasy Trinkets


Pearl Lamp


Coral kitchen set


UnderwaterFantasy wall sculpture #1


Artist Video

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