Kelly Ann Nelson,

Nutty vegan chocolate treats.…

Two years ago I went on an adventure to Costa Rica and ended up working at a vegan chocolate shop. During my stay I learned how to make all sorts of snacks and desserts that were uncooked and healthy. When I came back home I couldn't wait to share this new knowledge. I had a goal to bring as much awareness as possible to healthy dessert alternatives. I made batches upon batches of treats for all my friends and family and found great joy in watching their reactions when I told them the treats were raw and vegan. People couldn't believe it. How could something taste so good be healthy for you? It was a concept they weren't familiar with. No additives? No dairy? No oven? It didn't make sense to them but they were hooked anyways. All I had to do was list the ingredients and people were grabbing for another. After moving out to Portland and seeing how conscious people are about what they eat, I knew I could start selling my raw vegan goodies. Even here, I find people who are skeptical of anything vegan and almost immediately turn away when they hear the word. These are my favorite customers because I get to open them up to the world of delicious raw vegan goodies. Seeing the satisfaction on their faces has to be one of the most satisfying things I have experienced since I learned how to make them. I can only hope that I get more and more opportunities to share these high vibration yummy treats with the world and show people that desserts can not only taste good but can make you feel good as well.

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