Kelli A Dubay,

I paint emotional artwork in acrylic and oil.

Kelli Dubay is a photographer and fine artist that has shown in several galleries across the USA, and has won many awards including Best of Show at the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury, MD, with the Juror being Dr. Virginia Mecklenberg - Senior Curator for the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC. Dr. Mecklenburg spoke particularly of the beauty of the simple shapes and the handling of the medium.

I consider my artwork reminiscent of the Fauves Era but my style, although retaining a common thread, branches out into expressionism, realism, and abstract art. Primarily I work with what we consider the human face/body - usually using unnatural (for the context) colors and simplified form which is intended to convey emotion without conceptual conflict - I use bright vibrant colors and occasionally the neutral tones as well - lately I have been exploring the sultry deep colors - wine, crimson, olive, and deep purple - with applications that make these colors look metallic. My work is very straight forward. Rarely do I use background information, except for color or scratching into the painting with my fingernails. I consider my work perfectly imperfect... my goal is never to overwork the piece... The simplicity of my work is intended to enable the viewer to find themselves caught wondering about the emotion that the artwork is portraying rather than getting lost in way too much information. My work I consider very emotional. My subject matter varies, and sometimes it is very controversial - my work is not intended to shock, but to bring to light current and past social and political issues - ones that effect me personally and others that I am numb to..

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Dominus Vobiscum


Sally Ann


Decomposing Beauty


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