Katie Mudd,
Ceramic artist

Handmade functional pottery

Website http://www.katiemmudd.com/
Instagram @@katiemuddceramics

Katie’s name really is Mudd, it's just a wonderful and serendipitous coincidence that she’s a potter. Based in Portland Oregon, she spends her days covered in clay. 

Falling in love with pottery was easy, the journey truly began in 2012 when Katie decided to take the less conventional post college road and decided to find out where this magical art could take her.

A decade later Katie resides in Portland Oregon, having founded Katie Mudd Ceramics, and now throws her pottery in her own studio in NE. Her love of simple and subtle forms and pastels inform her whimsical creations.

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Katie Mudd Ceramics


Katie Mudd Ceramics


Katie Mudd Ceramics


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