Katelyn Black,
Glass Artist

Stained Glass Mosaic and Repurposed art

Instagram @kateblackstudios

I am a self taught stained glass mosaic and recycle artist. To me, glass is a medium that can take on elegant forms of tone, texture, light and movement. Each of my mosaics are one of a kind hand-crafted works of art, and due to the time consuming hours it takes to create a mosaic, I consider it a labor of love. I

I also create repurposed bottle cap wind chimes. My wind chimes are made out of caps, keys, kitchen utensils, tools, nuts and bolts; you name it, I have probably tried to use it. I have been collecting bottle caps for the last 6 years and it began by simply picking up caps off of trails and sidewalks to recycle.

Artist Images

Sunrise Over The Peaks






Large Chandelier Bottle CapWind Chime


Small Flour Sifter Bottle Cap Wind Chime


Mod Gal Mosaic


Artist Video

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