Karen Taylor,
Mixed Media Artist

Paper, traditional and digital art inspired by color and textures.

Website https://www.theartofkarentaylor…
Instagram @theartofkarentaylor
More Links https://youtu.be/sOCKhDSCOAY

Hi! I’m Karen! I was born in Nicaragua but grew up in Miami, Fl and am now based in Portland, OR. I’m a mixed media artist primarily focusing on paper art pieces, traditional art, and digital art.

I love exploring the concepts and beauty of different cultures, and I enjoy working with lots of color, particularly those that are found in central-american folk art. I’m inspired by nature, plants, animals, colors music, and people.

Artist Images

Tropical MotMot


Plant window 5


Sugar Skulls various


Mermaid Hippie


Dancers various


Artist Video

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