Karen G Goetsch,
Fabric Artist

I make monster plush toys and embroidery of monster characters.

Instagram @karens_monsters

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist that focuses on cute monster toys and images. My main interest is monster plush toys in all shapes and sizes and a series of monster characters used for embroidery and printing. I'm especially interested in the cross-roads between fine arts and crafting and how different disciplines come together to make useful, fun items.

I have been making monsters since 2007, although they've seen many twists and turns, the idea behind them as stayed true. I create pieces that capture the imagination, encourage all of us to be more curious and engage the world with child-like eyes. 

Artist Images

Frog Monster Plush Toy


Three Monster Embroidery Pieces


McCloud Monster Plush Toy


McCloud Monster Embroidered Patch


Project Bag with Knitting McCloud Monster