Kandyse Whitney,
Glass Artist

16" Fused glass bright mosaic bowl


Fused glass is made by selecting and cutting fusible glass, arranging the pieces in a kiln and fusing them together. Dishes and other 3-D pieces go through an additional cycle in the kiln with a mold to give them dimension. Other items such as leaves or metals can also be used to achieve a desired look.

I first began working with glass in the early 90s when I took my first stained glass class. I purchased my first glass kiln in the fall of 2009 and enjoy sharing my work in various art shows, festivals, and retail locations.

Largely self taught via books, experimentation, and “happy accidents”, I draw inspiration from looking around at everyday objects and the world around me.

Each piece of glass I use is hand selected and purchased directly from the manufacturer in Portland, OR.

Artist Images

16" Red starburst bowl


Orange and Almond starburst collection


10"x14" Quilt stand


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