Julien Jaborska,

I take old bicycle parts and transform them into useful products and art

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After working in bike shops for a few years and witnessing the heaps of trash generated by replacing worn and broken parts, I decided to take some tires home with me and see what I could do with them.

I made my first tire belt for myself, and after some friendly encouragement, I made a few more. I put some up for sale on that wonderful creation we call the internet, and the next thing I knew, orders were rolling in.

Upon moving to the mecca of biking/recycling/handmade/weird, Portland, Oregon, I launched Rebicyclist as a full-time business.

Now I am living the dream, making cool things and riding bikes-all thanks to you!

Artist Images

Bicycle Tire Belt - Hybrid Tread


Bicycle Tire Belt - Mild Road Tread - Black/Red


Belt Buckle - Staggered Bicycle Chain


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