Julie A Levelle,
Jewelry Artist

Handmade artisan jewelry

Website http://juliemakesjewelry.com
Instagram @julielevelle

I am a jewelry maker based in Portland, Oregon. I find beauty in decorating life with the elements of the earth. I am interested in the ways that humans interact with the earth, taking from and giving back to it. Community and reciprocity, as well as the way those concepts take different forms within various cultures, are things that weigh heavily on my mind. I intend for my work to be a conduit between bodies, tying beings together by means of my own craft and labor. Through this work, I adorn myself and the people and spaces surrounding me

Artist Images

Folded Malachite Earrings


Noreena Jasper Earrings


Montana Agate & Tigers Eye Earrings


Sodalite Shadowbox Earrings


Picture Jasper Earrings


Artist Video

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