Julianne C S Renzema,
Jewelry Artist

Jewelry and art honoring nature and spirit

Website http://www.renziannidesigns.com
Instagram @renziannidesigns

I love the feeling of creating art or jewelry from raw materials. I am primarily a jewelry artist. I also love painting, photography, mixed media art, singing, designing clothing, pastels...I am a multi-passionate artist. My main goal is to create beauty, because I believe our world needs beauty, especially now. It is always a gift when my work connects with the person it was meant for...creating connections is another reason I make art. During the covid lockdown, I painted rocks and left them all over my neighborhood for folks to find and keep. Little gifts of beauty and love, because giving feels good. I use as much recycled and sustainable material in my work as is possible. A portion of the revenue from the jewelry I create allows me to support organizations who do work in the world to make it a more equitable, healthy and peaceful place, and to support earth-friendly manufacturers. 

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